Winning at Litigation: Through Decision Analysis


We are pleased to announce the publication of a new book: Winning at Litigation through Decision Analysis. This work will be published by Springer, one of the largest math and science publishers. Springer was founded in Berlin in 1842 and counts over 200 Nobel Laureates among the authors of its books and journal articles.

Winning at Litigation will be available worldwide in early 2016 in print and e-publication form. Numbering approximately 500 pages in 14 chapters with problems at the end of each chapter, this work is aimed at analysts (decision analysis, management science or operations research folks) needing to support legal decision making, attorneys, and law students.

Thanks very much to my longtime friend and mentor, Ronald A. Howard of Stanford University, for agreeing to provide the forward for this work.

Looking forward to getting this through the production process and complete!

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