Stanford Healthcare Risk Management Webinar

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Healthcare faces daunting challenges with the growing cost and complexity of care, alarming demographic trends, and the effects of healthcare reform. Historical "silos" of risk management in healthcare variously work on quality, safety, compliance, audit, insurance, etc., but the risk management is neither integrated nor does it address the "upside" of risk: how to make better strategic decisions and manage uncertainty to create value in addition to protecting value.

In this webinar, you'll learn how value-driven Enterprise Risk Management meets the challenges of integrating management of all the downside risks a healthcare organization faces, plus how to capitalize on uncertainties in the value creation opportunities driving the short- and long-term prosperity of the enterprise. You'll see a new way of thinking and tool set to grapple with all the downside and upside risks and opportunities faced in healthcare, plus specific examples of how these methods have been applied with great success in healthcare settings.

For healthcare risk managers and executives managing risk, this provides a unique opportunity to be introduced to the approaches and methods used by leading organizations, such as Stanford Hospital & Clinics, for quantifying and getting more value out of risk management.

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Stanford Healthcare Risk Management Webinar

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