John has over three decades of experience as a management consultant in risk analysis and management and strategy development for senior executives in Fortune 500 companies and organizations in the following areas: automotive, banking, biotechnology, chemicals, construction & building code enforcement, consumer products, churches, energy efficiency, exchanges, government & regulatory, health care, high technology, institutional fund management, life insurance, mining, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, property/casualty insurance, safety regulation, software, and telecommunications.

John’s work includes decision analysis and business case development in engineering-intensive environments, such as for mine development, nuclear waste treatment at the Hanford Site, and the Hospital Operations Center (HOC) at Stanford University Medical Center. He has also consulted extensively on litigation strategy and litigation risk analysis and management, including cases where potential liabilities were in the billions of dollars.

John led Strategic Decision Group’s practice in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). In this role, he helped boards of directors and companies build on their existing risk management practices to develop effective management of the complete spectrum of uncertainties and risks facing a company. John teaches Enterprise Risk Management and Healthcare Risk Management in the Stanford Center for Professional Development and is a guest lecturer for the decision analysis courses in the School of Engineering at Stanford University. In addition,  he is on faculty for the Academy of the Amercian Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM), American Course in Drug Development and Regulatory Sciences, and the Stanford Summer Institutes. He is very active in health care ERM and a frequent speaker at conferences.

In support of developing methodology and processes and transferring them to clients, John played a lead role in developing, documenting, and teaching a number of software tools, including Supertree® decision analysis software and Decision Advisor®, an expert system for valuing and managing portfolios of R&D projects. John is co-author of Decision Analysis for the Professional, a textbook first published in 1987 and now in its fourth edition. John also wrote the three-volume documentation for Decision Advisor®, which consists of text material and software tutorials for analyzing R&D projects and managing portfolios of R&D projects.

John has a BS in Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management from Stanford University and a JD from Hastings College of the Law. He is a member of the California Bar Association and clerked for the Supreme Court, State of Hawai’i. He is presently a Principal at Decision Analysis Associates, LLC.