Paper on a Programmable Coprocessor Model of Human Cognition

Okay, this starts a series of posts on papers I wrote and published during the Covid epidemic (time to catch up!) This first on is on a programmable coprocessor model of human cognition. Some of it will look familiar to people knowledgeable about our Type 1 (slow, deliberative) and Type 2 (fast, intuitive) thinking modes, but it adds a crucial new step: the ability of these two modes to work together exchanging data, jobs, and—most importantly—reprogramming how each other work. This ability to work together is far more powerful than either working separately and has not, to my knowledge, been presented in prior work. It explains things such as how the two thinking modes work together in decision analysis to enable us to make better decisions, and the progression from novice to expert in any discipline.

Click the image below to read the paper and unlock how to improve the power of your own thought!

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