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Paper on a Programmable Coprocessor Model of Human Cognition

Okay, this starts a series of posts on papers I wrote and published during the Covid epidemic (time to catch up!) This first on is on a programmable coprocessor model of human cognition. Some of it will look familiar to people knowledgeable about our Type 1 (slow, deliberative) and Type 2 (fast, intuitive) thinking modes,…
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Revised Patient Handling & Mobility Assessments

I'm so happy that the revised Patient Handling and Mobility Assessments (by the Facilities Guidelines Institute with support from Hillrom) has been published under the careful stewardship of Mary Matz. I can hardly believe it's been ten years (!) since we wrote the first version! This 476-page "white paper" is the work of a whole…
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New Paper on Engineering Better Ethics into Human and Artificial Systems

For the upcoming book Next Generation Ethics: Engineering a Better Society I presented a new hypothesis for understanding ethics: what if ethics is an evolved social behavior? This idea has far-reaching implications. First off, it provides a science-based explanation for how ethics emerged. This does not preclude divine action (which could have set everything in…
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