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Speaking at IHSI Conference on February 9, 2019

I'm honored to have been accepted to speak at the International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration. On February 9th, I'll be speaking on "Engineering Better Ethics in Human and Artificial Cognitive Systems." Conference information is available here: My paper on the same topic can be downloaded here:
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New Ethics Paper Published

My new paper "Engineering Better Ethics into Human and Artificial Cognitive Systems" has just been published by Springer. You can download a copy of it here:
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Two New Papers Uploaded

I've uploaded two new papers to the Library section of my web site: one on applying decision analysis to meet leadership challenges at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), and the other on applying it to medical malpractice cases at Stanford Health. Either can be downloaded (along with the rest of my published papers) in the…
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Safe Patient Handling Results at the U.S. Veterans’ Health Administration

People are always looking for published business cases to support launching Safe Patient Handling & Mobility (SPHM) programs at their institution. Here's one for the VHA which documents the possible benefits for patients and caregivers at this very large health care institution. Warning: the numbers are big!
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