Monthly Archives: November 2014

Stanford Healthcare Risk Management Webinar

Healthcare faces daunting challenges with the growing cost and complexity of care, alarming demographic trends, and the effects of healthcare reform. Historical "silos" of risk management in healthcare variously work on quality, safety, compliance, audit, insurance, etc., but the risk management is neither integrated nor does it address the "upside" of risk: how to make…
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Stanford Value-Driven ERM Webinar

And here's my webinar on Value-Driven ERM: What Boards and Senior Executives Want Most From Their Enterprise Risk Programs. Many companies have adopted some kind of Enterprise Risk Management process, replete with risk identification, risk assessment, risk cataloging, risk mapping, and risk management reports. But now, forward-looking corporate boards and top executives are asking a…
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Stanford Corporate Risk Appetite Webinar

If you're interested, my past webinar on Corporate Risk Appetite: How to Specify It and Apply it Consistently is available online. Many organizations squander their attractive - but risky - opportunities because they can't judge risks. A well-specified risk appetite can replace confusion, inconsistency, and personal risk aversion and provide a universal yardstick for adjusting…
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