Developed one great idea at a time.

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Through better negotiation and trial strategy.

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For the benefit of patients and care givers.

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Optimizing IP

By sorting out rights, value, and the plan.

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Reducing harm

With better risk management.

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Through training and education.

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Plotting your best next move. 

A good business strategy is much more than hope, a plan, and resources. We help you develop the most promising alternative strategies and understand their quantified risk and value potential so you can execute successfully in an uncertain world.

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Litigation Risk Management

Negotiation and trial strategy.

In litigation, counsel’s experience and judgment is your most valuable resource. We combine it proven methodologies to reveal the best negotiation and trial strategy in even the largest and most complex cases.

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Quantifying, increasing, and validating program value. 

The rate of change in healthcare is only increasing, pushed by cost, regulation, and demographics. We help you find and succeed with the programs best calculated to keep your institution thriving in the coming years.

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Highly experienced, creative, decision analysis-based management consulting and risk management

In an uncertain world inconveniently lacking in future data, we tackle the biggest, riskiest, most complex strategic issues to create insight and understanding of what the best course of action is and why, then help to create a robust and trackable plan to make it happen.


JC head shot
John Celona.

I’m the founder and president of Decision Analysis Associates, LLC. Trained as an engineer and attorney, I’ve worked a management consultant and professional decision analyst for over three decades.

In this time, I’ve worked in industries from A (automobiles) to Z (zinc mines), dealing with the most technically and organizationally complex strategic issues. Our team can help you find the best way to deal with whatever is bugging you.

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